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6.5ft Circle Stand + Circle Cover + 3 Cylinders + 3 Cylinders Covers

6.5ft Circle Stand + Circle Cover + 3 Cylinders + 3 Cylinders Covers

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How to customize the round cover and cylinder covers?

  1. The round cover is 2 sided, the cylinder covers are 1 sided, you can write what you need in the Add Your Personalization box. (For example, the round cover, nude on one side, mickey theme on the back with my photo or happy birthday or any personalization, the cylinder covers same mickey theme).
  2. Or you can email us or PM us from Facebook with the themes you need for the double-sided design.
  3. Then we will design for you and send you the design proof to confirm.

The circle backdrop stand and the pedestals all have handbags with them. Easy to take anywhere.

Package includes:

    1. Round backdrop stand 2m (6.5ft)
    2. Double-sided fabric cover 2m to fit the stand (2 designs)
    3. Collapsible cylinder stands x 3
    4. Custom single-sided cylinder covers x3

The round stand height at the bottom is 70cm.

The 3 Cylinder and Pedestal cover sizes include:

  • 40cm diameter * 90cm height
  • 36cm diameter * 75cm height
  • 33cm diameter * 60cm height

    Get inspired by some decorations shared by our customers.

    custom round fabric covers

    Round Circle Backdrop set

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