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Golden Color Inflatable Mirror Ball Reusable Big Bubble Balloon

Golden Color Inflatable Mirror Ball Reusable Big Bubble Balloon

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Kit A (3pcs) : 23inch*1+47inch*1+70inch*1+Air Pump

Kit B (5pcs) : 15inch*1+23inch*1+31inch*1+40inch*1+47inch*1+Air Pump

Kit C (8pcs) : 15inch*4+23inch*1+31inch*1+40inch*1+47inch*1+Air Pump

Shiny Balls Require an Air Pump

Made with premium PVC materials that are safe and non-toxic, these balloons are perfect for any special occasion such as baby showers, birthdays, and weddings.

The handbags are provided for convenient storage. Please be aware that the air pump is only included in the kit.

Assembling them is a breeze - no prior experience necessary! For optimal results, we recommend purchasing the kit.

Enhance your brand and business with the versatile and budget-friendly Inflatable Mirror Balloons. It serves as a delightful decoration for all occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, parties, and weddings. Use it to add an eye-catching touch to shopping malls, homes, gardens, ponds, and office spaces.

Our giant mirror sphere reflective balloon can be made in different colors, gold, silver, pink iridescent, royal blue, hot pink, purple, red, green, black, white, and in sizes from 15 inch in diameter up to 118 inch in diameter. They can be hung with rope from a ceiling, or placed on the ground. 

Additional color options are available.

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